BIYF Viewing Playlist

6.9 Days
In case you don’t want to look at the entire playlist screenshot, here’s a highlight for you.

Since I technically started the BIYF Binge yesterday and the first post from that will happen within the next couple days, this will be the last “Pre-Binge” post and it will be brief.

The master playlist is nearly complete. I’ve mocked up and inserted the one missing item in this screenshot and added signposts for the 6 “live action” events and the 2 “Zardoz has no reference material for this event” events (“The Tim Anderson Experience” Video [Excerpts] and the “Top Ten BIYF Moments” presentation). The list would take 6.9 days to run non-stop, end-to-end.

Click below to embiggen if you dare.

The Full BIYF Binge Playlist